Unbelievable But Worth the Experience to the Next – Episode 4 – My Loyalty & Hard Work Wasn’t Enough!

There were a few times that I was passed up for promotion or not hired even though I knew I was the right person for it, but I will never forget the one that hurt the most. 

I was hired with the organization, and I came with the right skill set, luckily. I was able to come in and just pick up where the previous person left off and soon thereafter – 3 months after I started, I was asked to assist and clean up some accounts that were not balanced due to an upcoming audit. I was hired for a particular department, not a division. We had auditor’s coming, and they were doing a follow up on the cleanup that was agreed upon due to many corrections and adjustments that didn’t take place prior to their arrival. The accounts had to be reconciled and had to present on how these were being completed and how transactions are being reviewed. I was not advised at any point that I would have to explain how I was able to reconcile, but only answer some questions.   

I wasn’t asked but told that I were to reconcile one fiscal year and nothing else…so I did. I worked hours after hours with no additional pay. The day of the audit I was asked to present without prior notice. The person that failed to reconcile years of accounts was on FML and soon thereafter retired – well forced, really.  

The position became open after almost a year that I was hired on and felt like I was the right person to take on more responsibility since I had intimate knowledge and worked on all these accounts. After interviewing with experience under my belt and intimate knowledge of the department and division I was passed up for the promotion even though there were four department heads knew me, my work and supported my promotion. The hiring manager hired someone that had no experience but had an MBA. 

I’m sure she didn’t like me and knew I was pregnant. So… there I said it. 

After roughly three years I left the position for more money and same position at another location. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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