Unbelievable But Worth the Experience to the Next – Episode 3 – How I Found Out I Won this Chess Game!

I’m going to try and finish this post today because there’s quite a bit to write on this person who not only gave me a difficult time at work, pushed me which helped to grow thick skin. Because of him I am no longer afraid of what is coming next, not to take BS from anyone – if I fail there is only one way and that is up. I learned that my experience with him prepared me for the next move as well. I will always remember his words on the last day with this employer. 

“You survived us”

I recall vividly walking away from the building on my last day of employment thinking what an ass of a guy. Thinking he’s the worst I’ve ever met. Not knowing that his ability to connect with me changed my perspective and it was not obvious to me at all at that time. His impact carried me through the next challenges, years without fear. 

He pushed me and challenged me in the work environment, and he knew how to push my buttons. We had disagreements and questioned each other. At times shouting was usual and many times he was a tattle tale. Never wanted to hear excuses, but solutions. Just as he was tough on everything else, he was tough on me. He made me tremble in anger, but I now see the reason and he may not even know he helped shape me, my attitude, to adjust, to not fear speaking up and be confident. At that time I felt he won in this chess game, but really now that I look back I know he gave me a set of tools and skill set that I could not have picked up if he weren’t there to challenge me. Now, I know I won in this game.

Photo by Gladson Xavier on Pexels.com

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