Unbelievable But Worth the Experience to the Next – Episode 2 – Bad Hire

I was so worried about the probation evaluation (episode 1), and I didn’t notice that I was taking on a lot of work. For almost two years I kept working and as soon as I was burnt out, I took notice of the work that had been placed on me. The steps behind each task were at most strenuous or tedious. The supervisor was passing on a lot more to me without noticing. I was too stuck and devastated at the fact that she was harsh, and I was upset at myself for not speaking up. I was taking on a lot more and, in the end, she never liked me anyway. She was working on brochures, invitations and gala work and I was doing the job of a director. I was now supporting eight managers. It was insane. 

I was finally burnt out and took notice, although I was given a promotion the pay was not equivalent to the amount of work I was supporting on my own. 

And then the new hire came on board after 2.5 years. Oh no!! Their solution to all the incoming workload was to hire someone new and I was all for it. I was supportive of her so that I could delegate some things and get some relief. It was the complete opposite; she just came in to gossip and talk about me. Her time was being spent on sabotaging my job. I was on the committee to hire her, but she was not my pick. I still give people the benefit of a doubt. I’m not sure how or what I did to give her the impression that I was not supportive. She began to spread rumors and shortly after was let go. Her work was not quality. She did not understand the processes after doing one-on-one training, emails, walking her directly and doing introductions, who was who. The only things she was able to accomplish was gossip and spread lies. It was too late for my supervisor to make it right once more for me. This was the last situation I endured in this position. I began to look for a new job. Very weird personality and her way of communicating was completely negative.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

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