Starting Over – Episode 5 – I’m In This Alone

I walked into work on Monday 12/20/21 thinking that I would sit there another week with nothing to do. I was ready to be fired or just quit trying. I had ended the prior week on finding budget errors. I think this opened the door for the supervisor to see that I was paying attention and I was ready to get to work or maybe not.

Finally, I got the opportunity late morning to take a shot at what I had learned. I was attempting to run the reports and I knew I had followed the steps correctly. The supervisor asked me to try a few things and I finally said, “let’s try changing this box?” and once I changed the administrator code the report worked. It’s like I proved myself that I knew I had what it took to do the job. I can’t recall how or what made sense to me I just started working on three tasks that were given to me. I quickly was able to get the items completed and get my part of the tasks out to the next step. I continued to try and get a journal entry completed with success. It was the first time the supervisor noticed, and I shined!

Then on Tuesday, I took the initiative to tell the supervisor I was going to go ahead and work the tasks that came through. I felt comfortable and finished them in the morning. Today, Wednesday, 12/22/21 I got flooded by quite a few tasks requests. I worked diligently through them, but I was not able to complete them. I emailed the department to let them know I received a few tasks from them and hope the get them completed by the end of business day Monday, 12/27/21.

I was supposed to get trained today 12/22/21 at 2:30PM and the lady didn’t show. There is something going on I’m not aware of and even though it really doesn’t affect me, it certainly can affect the job that I’m trying to do. Not sure what is going on, but I never been hung up like this and it worries me a bit. 

We will see what Monday brings, I’m glad the weekend is here. I feel like I’m invisible to them – my intuition is a feeling of lonely. I’m on my own.  

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