Starting Over – Episode 4 – Should I go?

I don’t even know where to begin for this week. A dead end…I guess. I should just quit or should I not? I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in the grand scheme of things at this “not so new” job. My head is spinning, and I am at the frustration point. The damage is done, I’m 80-20 out the door as of right now 8:40PM on 12/17/21, Friday night. 

I’m not sure what the supervisor expects of someone that just started. She’s allowing me to just sit there and do nothing. I’m getting paid to just read and pull sample reports. It’s so embarrassing and I feel over paid and I used to watch people sit there and do nothing and now I’m one of them, not by choice. Monday and Tuesday I sat there once again for the second week reading, pulling reports and try to figure out on my own and make sense of how things work without any guidance. I sit there and listen to someone else being trained almost on a daily basis and I sit there confused. Wednesday and Thursday there was some action, some training, but nothing major that resulted in doing actual work. So Thursday some transactions were being sent to me to have budget set up and I was going through a few and all looked okay to me, with no errors. 

So, here comes Friday and I pulled 2 of 3 reports and both had budget errors and I went to my supervisor to let her know. I normally like to check myself, mostly to be sure something turned out okay. Once I told her she only commented on good catch and thereafter it was like no big deal. To me, everything is important, and I care to do good and submit quality work.

I gave up…at 2:30pm. I was already feeling down from the vaccine, but the mood just put me overboard and I just gave up and left for the day. 

I’m ready to go on to the next journey. Should I start looking? My co-worker mentioned to say something, but I really don’t want to stir anything up. I’m too new…it’s just better to move along. When will this end…where do I belong?

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