Starting Over – Episode 3 -Can Someone Tell Me What I Should Do.

This is the fourth time that I attempt to write this entry…I was so emotional twice this week due to the lack of inclusiveness. 

This week has been very challenging to say the least. The first week we were provided system training and processes and I was happy because I thought it was a good start to the job. 

This week I felt left out; like someone wants to hold me back and I’m not sure why. There is something not sitting right with me. At the beginning of the week the new young lady and I started together, and she has been training on her workload and I get it was due to being closely related to and working together on the tasks being shifted to her from the previous accountant. I sat and read, pulled practice reports and read, again through Wednesday. On Thursday morning I asked about training and the supervisor basically wasn’t worried to get me started. She asked what I was going to work on? I thought it was not appropriate question to ask me since it was my second week and no one had spoken to me or had given me any direction on what I was to work on and wasn’t aware of the work/processes. I just yanked anything out of my brain to tell her, that seemed legitimate. The supervisor only mentioned that the person who would train me was working on other things. HUH!? Really?

Then what am I supposed to work on? What a silly question to ask if not one person had said anything to me. I’m just a ball of confusion right now…

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