Starting Over – Episode 2 – How Do I Learn?

This week was sort of a blur. On Tuesday it was the beginning of training and sort of a blur because it was all talk and did not understand much of what was being said. It was done with very good intentions, and I understand the speeches but not the procedures. There are a lot of steps and situations, and you have to know how to take the correct action to complete a task.

Wednesday was really full of details. I understand things more from the action of doing (hands-on) and that’s how I learn, not necessarily from just watching. The training manual is not detailed, but helpful snip its. Thursday was so tiring, with no sleep and worried about a personal situation didn’t help. Friday, I felt like I was able to breath with the end of the week and the resolution of the personal situation. I really didn’t focus because it was more of conversations and not a lot of hands-on.

Let’s see what comes next week. It was just a training and learning week, but not sure what I learned. I prayed this morning that I can have a better week where I feel comfortable with what I’m doing. I did take quite a bit of notes and I plan to go back and add them to my training material. Let’s see if this works out for me.

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