Starting Over – Episode 1 – A New Start

Day 1 – November 29th, 2021 – With an open mind and open heart. The ladies received me and were detailed. It was almost as if I was taking a breath again. I met a young lady that also started with me and went to lunch together. She was telling me about her experience with the same employer that I worked for only 45 days! Her story was pretty similar of what I endured working for the same organization. 

***Note: my experiences written under the titles NOT THE END-CHANGE OF PLANS-MY WORST NIGHTMARE OF JOB***

I felt bad for her, no raise for 3 years that she was employed with them. I’m not surprised, but I’m glad she’s moved on from that nightmare as well. 

The staff and managers received us well. The managers are being very hands-on that I felt bad asking anything because they are already so busy. 

I was excited and nervous for starting and eager to put it all together and provide some relief to them. I felt happy, finally…I have begun to rebuild. 

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