Not the End-Change of Plans! My Worst Nightmare Job – Episode 2 – Worst Interview I’ve Ever Had!

I was elated because after so many years of trying to get an interview with this organization I finally got a call for an interview. I was ready to move into a different industry. I made attempts over the past eight years, at least, and it was sort of like a dream come true. I used to intern as a teenager with this particular organization. The initial interview with two ladies left me feeling good. A good prospect. I had a good feeling of getting an offer. During the interview I was told I was the top pick of 2 stacks of 3 people. I really believed a job offer would be extended.

It left me feeling that I would get a call back soon. The call came in with another person, a man, that was higher up in the organization hierarchy. It took another two weeks for the interview with him which I assumed he was a busy person. 

The interview started well as it should being asked about my work experience. Until it made a left turn and left me feeling uncomfortable. I honestly believe that I did not get the job because I did not answer the following questions how he wanted which I think are illegal to ask. He didn’t seem to think I was a believer in longevity. He was an ass…I didn’t get the job after one month of not hearing anything back. 

1. I see your whole family works for one department? (Not true by the way)

2. Did they ask you to apply? (No they didn’t)

3. What do they think of this organization? (It doesn’t require their input. I’m applying for the job, not them. They are in a different department, very unrelated)

4. What is their longevity? (none of your business)

5. What is the salary you are currently making? (none of your business)

These questions left me feeling uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure if I should report it to the workforce commission?

Of course, I didn’t respond like I answered here, but I wanted to. I kept the answers vague and beat around the bush. I was cordial. I talked about the reasons for applying. After reviewing my workload versus the pay – it wasn’t consistent compared to other industries and same position. I was not able to get a raise because the position doesn’t pay anymore and the organization, I was currently working for did not have any open positions for me to be able to promote.

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