Had Enough-Prepared me for Trusting the Unknown – Episode 2 – What?! Not A People Person? HUH?

What a week, it just seems like this past week was a tiring blur? Tuesday was hurtful because my boss doesn’t (seems like), can’t or won’t allow me to be flexible. There is something that I can’t pin-point. I know there’s friction and I feel isolated from the group.

She did tell me “I’m not a people person” I don’t think that it should be said to anyone, gone three days of the week (remote work), but somehow, I feel I can’t be like the rest of the staff. The flexibility is lacking. She has expectations that I don’t know about. Ugh! I ask myself why do I keep accepting jobs that come with emotional stress? A part of me feels she doesn’t want me to learn anything that can threaten or get in her way? She didn’t want to hire me – it feels like…

***This is a journal entry from the past I found in my planner***

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

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