Had Enough-Prepared Me for Trusting the Unknown – Episode 1 – Confused

I was so proud of myself for starting over. Breathing the air as I walked down the corridor leading to the beautiful grass that continues to bloom during the winter season and amazing Victorian style buildings made me feel good. I was in heels and didn’t know what to expect. LOL! Side note: I shouldn’t have worn heels. I walked miles that day…Yikes!

The very first weeks I noticed my supervisor was very quiet and had me reading over emails and pieces of instructions here and there. I noticed she either was not prepared for me or wasn’t organized. The information was given to me in bits and pieces. I had to sift through a lot to understand one thing. She wasn’t very forthcoming about information that I though was necessary to succeed in the position. My thought was, “why hire me if you are not going to advise me correctly or share your knowledge?” or trust that I know how to do the job. One pattern that I noticed from all the jobs I had was that several people (6) were copied in emails for the most insignificant or tedious things?! She held on to information and would only provide it after I had gone through several channels to find what I needed.

At times it was obvious it crossed her mind that I would want her job because she was much older. I tried to start conversations with her so that she could trust me enough to do the job, but she must’ve taken them as a threat which was not at all what my interaction with her. Oh my gosh! Her training was awful. Her way of training was to talk to me and show me her monitor from behind her desk. That was the most annoying part having to sit there and couldn’t see the small print. I wasn’t trained properly, and I certainly was not the type to treat others in this manner. I’m glad that I didn’t need her to provide much of her time on processes. I had enough previous experience in the past that it didn’t bother me, and I let it go. 

I was bored most day – I was looking forward to going home each day that I didn’t have anything to do. I did support a co-worker in the interim because she was busy, and her duties were the type I dealt with in the past and I got to know her as well. 

I learned early on that people did half-ass work and were used to taking shortcuts. I knew I wasn’t like this, and I was going to do my own research and rely on myself to do my due diligence. The whole experience overall was a puzzle, no one really knew what to do or the process varied from person to person and changed without notice. This is an organization that just by its brand didn’t need to seek business, people flocked to join. It was always a ball of confusion internally though.  

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