Had Enough-Prepared Me for the Trusting the Unknown – Episode 3 – Personality Clashes!

Working for this employer was degrading and sad. The organization was going through a system change and while going through the change there was a gap where there was not a system or manual process available to continue processing purchases of supplies or parts. 

There was a lot of communication about the change, but the person was angry because her request had not been submitted for purchase. She goes on to send me an email asking why and had the audacity to write an email that I worked for her, not the other way around. I could’ve responded in an ugly manner, but I didn’t. I did let her know of the situation and public information had been sent out for months. A situation completely out of my control did not call for her ugliness and for the record she did not pay my salary, government did or in reality, the public. She had a reputation of lashing out before asking for an explanation. She is used to getting her way. She is an expert, a brilliant person, but the personality is not at all personable and instead of asking assumptions are always made. This is across the organization – not just her. It’s unfortunate. Another reason why I left this negativity behind.

Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com

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