In the Beginning – Episode 2 – My Mistake @ Work

I was relieved to have found out that the department I work for was moving to another location assuming the department would better serve the entire organization, who knows? I thought that was great – new start – new boss. We would begin doing some good and able to put some processes in place to support the overall collective. It would be great for the department a better look than just seeing it as wasteful spending salaries. 

JG was hired because of all the great experience he brought, and he talked a good talk. When it came to actually doing work it was a hot mess. JG was not at all what he said he was. He would fall asleep in the office, and I found out that instead of working he was really working on his higher education program. It was annoying that he wore an earpiece all day. At times I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or into the earpiece. He could never recall anything that he and I talked about. It was frustrating to see the work pile up and he wasn’t interested in anything happening. And he attempted to use me as a personal secretary, to book his doctor appointments or pick up his dry clean items. 

His relationship with me changed immediately when I shared what was happening with another assistant and she of course went to her boss about and got back to JG. Oh my gosh! I wanted to hide everyday walking into the office and my actions backfired on me pretty quick.

The work relationship, of course, went downhill after my discrepancy. I made a mistake of sharing my experience. JG confronted me about what I shared. I hurriedly found another job and I intuitively saw the writing on the wall. He began closing the door and indirectly trying to offend me. He made attempts to sabotage my job at times. He spent his time trying to find things to be able to fire me instead of doing his job. Eventually I left and moved on and I later found out his contract was not renewed due to his lack of experience.     

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