In the Beginning – Episode 1 – The Missing Personality

I was excited when I was offered the first job that launched my career. As a receptionist I was young and naive, but excited. I wanted guide people through what I thought processes that were confusing and share my knowledge in support of their goals of providing details and clear the path for them to continue to grow. Most of the time I figured things out on my own or get information from another department. I received the necessary information already provided from my department so long after. These women were supposed to support and provide the necessary training for me to fulfill my duties. Some of these women were well educated. I began to wonder what was it that holding on to information would benefit anyone? Aren’t we all on the same team?

I continued as is and fell immune to the style of working this way. I was promoted after a couple years to an assistant, away from the front desk – I gave it another shot because I was young and still learning, it was a good move. These women were given a little authority and they saw it as a lot of POWER. If they were in a good mood, it was a good day and if they were not, WHOA! get out the way. That got old pretty quick for me as a young person – wasn’t a good fit because I wanted to be in a good vibe all the time. It was too much for me to deal with women that had issues at home and at work.

I wanted to move past it and so I applied for a promotion, and I was passed up for it. It left me feeling confused because I was asked to apply as well. It left me drained of energy and had so many negative feelings toward them. I was already completing the tasks of that open position. Not long after I applied away from the location and transferred.

I will never forget my boss then. He was and has been the sole boss that was the best. He was clear, concise and knew exactly how to talk to people, very personable. I knew I was going to be a good fit. Each time we were to meet and handle his agenda he would come around his desk in respect toward me and talk to me as his friend and not his subordinate. I came to the realization that having a male boss was much easier to handle. He was such a great person that it didn’t bother me to go above and beyond.

The person in charge of budgets came off very standoffish toward me, held information. Really, did not “feel” like working with me. If I were to ask a question, I was left feeling small or confused. It’s as if she was reprimanding me. I wasn’t sure of my purpose.

After my boss left for a promotion, another male came in as interim in the position and oh gosh! I was the type that liked to clarify and make sure that I knew what was expected of me. This person was ugly inside and out, had education, but did not care for people. He once in conversation – over the phone, called me dyslexic because I wanted to clarify his request. Although it wasn’t bad, I knew I didn’t belong. My job became boring, and I was not challenged, kept busy or interested. I moved along to something I thought I could make a lot better impact and busier. I wanted more experience because I was interested in having a greater impact – make a difference. I was able to get away from the interim guy. He was all-around cocky and an ass. Phew!! Very uptight environment, titles mattered a lot and not very friendly place.

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