Unbelievable – But Worth the Experience to the Next – Episode 1 – Head Games

I started a very exciting job with lots of tasks and lots to learn. Very busy times ahead. I enjoyed going to work every day. I had a probation period of six months, and I didn’t miss a day. I was a self-learner and learned things quick as if things came to me naturally. At the 6-month review and end of my probation period I checked in with my supervisor for the results of whether I stayed or wouldn’t have a job. The only item that came up was, “others” complained that my emails came across too bossy in the way that I communicated via email. I wish that the topic was brought to my attention prior to it being written in my review. To be allowed to correct my communication style! The feedback was provided to me after the review. Wait! What?

And then…

I didn’t have to clock in, I was exempt staff and understanding that my clock-in was at 8am. At times I was 5 minutes or no more than 10 due to traffic. I can’t control it. I was under the assumption that everything was okay since I was notifying my supervisor of my tardiness. I guess after a few times, maybe 5 in a one-month period I was reminded that I was to be at work promptly at 8am. Okay?! Then the monitoring started, and I caught onto it pretty quick when my supervisor started closing her door and most of the working day. All of a sudden, her door was opened quickly watching me come in and out at particular times. Whoa!

And then…

As if this wasn’t enough, I was asked to add to my calendar when I was away from my desk or going to my lunch hour?! I was in shock and hurt because I worked hard and even went above and beyond to support with tasks that were not my responsibility. I was still targeted for the pettiest things. 

I began to sense that I wasn’t liked. I never knew why. Or there was something about me that my supervisor didn’t like, and I would go home with a sickening feeling that I might have done something wrong. I started to question each why I had to tip-toe around her and was sure of the tasks I completed. I would cringe asking her a question because I wouldn’t know if I would get a straight answer or the mood, she’d be in and not get one at all. Very emotionally charged environment.

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