Let’s Talk Customer Service – 7/14/22

Hello there! I hope everyone is doing well.

My niece was talking to me about her very first interview for an open position which she was offered due to how she responded on her question regarding customer service. What is customer service to you? For me, it’s everyone, the client, my co-worker, my supervisor, the person’s request from another department. Anyone who you provide a service for is a customer. I thought this is a good topic to address on my blog.

Once again, the scenario question popped up, but this question was about customer service. I have blogged in the past about scenario questions, check that out! What do you do when you get a call, someone shows up or anyone who you support is upset by the time that you get that email or come to you with an issue?

There are many ways to respond depending on the situation, but I will provide a real example of the one my niece was asked.

Question: “What steps/actions would you take when you have a parent walk in that is upset for not receiving information for an upcoming event?

You’re the last line of defense between keeping or losing that client. The parent is already upset so it’s important to listen to their frustrations. Always remember that you should embrace solutions, not rehash the problem. The problem is already there, it’s what you do moving forward that will make a difference. Next, be sure that you explain that you are there to support their needs, to be sure they get what they need today and prepare them now for any future events, information and that they are able to receive the necessary information whether email, text, social media and/or phone. Provide them with options and be sure to share anything of interest to them. If this is not your area, call and re-direct them properly. If you cannot answer their question at that moment take some type of action of email to the correct person, call with voicemail. Show some action and interest. Provide your contact information in case the responsible party doesn’t respond, support in the follow up. Their trust and knowing that you’ve done your part goes a long way. Now, if this is your responsibility take all their info and also ask them to call in case something is not clear. You do have others you support and show that they too will have to take some action. Do it with a smile. Add them instantly, especially if they are face-to-face to all future events, social and meetings. Bombard them with a wealth of information. It’s always worked for me. If they still want to be stubborn because it does happen at times express that you have done everything you could. If it’s confidential information, do not provide it and provide them with the steps (if applicable) to get them the information. If not, explain it’s not readily available and the rule applies across the board and ask they can then speak to your supervisor. There’s that option too, the answer will be the same. It’s worked for me. Hope this works for you. All the Best!

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